Askerswell Roll of Honour
1914- 1918


William Edward BURT 1/1/82 Askerswell Father: George (carter, labourer) Mother: Kate William is third of four children In 1891, family living at Stancombe. In 1901, George and Kate are at Spyway, but William not there. In 1911 William (aged 29) is at Portsmouth as an Able Seaman Royal Navy Served on HMS Minos Petty Officer No 194471 Died 15/12/16 (aged 34) as a result of shock caused by immersion in water (recorded as “not the result of enemy action”) Death registered at Tendring, near Harwich. Buried at Shotley Churchyard, Suffolk
Ernest Victor DARBY c.1893 Melplash Father: Richard (labourer) Mother: Anna Victor is third of six children In 1901 the family are living at Loscombe In 1911, the family are at Nettlecombe. Victor, aged 18, is described as “waggoner on farm” Served in 5th Battalion of the Dorsetshire Regiment Lance Corporal No 3/6402 Killed in Action on 23/12/16 Buried at Ancre British Cemetery, Beaumont Hamel At time of death, parents noted as Richard and Anna Darby of Bank Cottage, Askerswell Tribute in Bridport News
Albert Edward DAUBNEY c.1898 North Eggardon Father: William (farm bailiff) Mother: Esther Albert second of six children In 1911 the family were living at North Eggardon Served in 5th Battalion of the Dorsetshire Regiment Private No 17582 Died 8/9/16 On War memorial at Thiepval
Alfred Edward HOWE c.1890 Father: Edward (labourer) Mother: Charlotte Alfred one of ten children In 1911 the family were living at Hembury, but Alfred not there Royal Navy HMS Defence Stoker 1st Class No: K/7582 Died 31/5/16 Battle of Jutland. HMS Defence sunk, no survivors (loss of 900 men)
Alfred George LOVERIDGE c.June 1893 Symondsbury Father: Walter Charles (carter) Mother: Fanny Anne Alfred third of nine children In 1911 the family were living at Loscombe - Alfred (aged 18) described as “farm labourer” Served in 5th Battalion of the Dorsetshire Regiment Private No 10363 Died 21/8/15 at Gallipoli, aged 22 On Helles Memorial
Reginald John LOVERIDGE c.May 1899 See details for his brother Alfred above. Reginald was the fifth of the nine children Served in the 37th Training Reserve Battalion No. TR8/18171 Died in the isolation hospital at Stratford-sub-Castle, Salisbury, aged 18. Buried in Askerswell Church Bridport News 25/5/17 records he died of meningitis. May never have left England?
William NEWMAN c.1881 place of birth uncertain (recorded variously as Leigh, Charmouth Charminster) Father: Henry George (horsekeeper) Mother: Margaret Charlotte William oldest of five 1891 family at Batcombe 1911 family at Stancombe Served in the Devonshire regiment Private No. 17391 Died at home, 29/10/18 Buried at Tintinhull Church Death certificate states died of influenza
Edward Henry WESTRAY c.1885 London Father: Walter Henry (draper’s porter) Mother: Annie In 1891 the family were at 40 Ironmonger Street, London In 1901 Edward (aged 16) is living as a servant at Hembury Farm Askerswell, working for Ernest and Sarah Williams In 1911, no longer there. In 1911 his mother and father are recorded as living in St Marylebone Workhouse. Served in 5th Battalion of the Dorsetshire Regiment Private No. 10257 Enlistment location: Askerswell Killed in Action at Epinoy, 1/10/18