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The two Poortons, North and South, nestle in a valley surrounded by the villages of Powerstock, West Milton, Loscombe, Mapperton and Hooke and the boundary of Wytherston. The Poortons are made up of the church of St Mary Magdalene, and eighteen dwellings plus five in the village of Loscombe but in the parish of North Poorton almost all are occupied by working families. The church was built in 1860 of stone under a tiled roof with a spire. It replaced the smaller original church which was in need of total renovation and situated about 30 metres from the present church. Most of the economy is agriculturally based but with some in- comers living in harmony with the farming community. There is no bus service but it is possible to connect with Powerstock if necessary and the nearest station is Maiden Newton. It is however its isolation which is the Poortons’ charm. It is totally unspoilt and uncommercialised. The methods of cultivating the crops have stayed the same for generations, but with machinery replacing men and horses. The same types of crops are still grown, food for man and animal alike, and woodland for some winter sport and leisure. And yet to sustain a village new residents are also needed and valued. They help to maintain the dwellings. Their friends and families add support to the local pubs. Their experience of the wider world has provided advice and reassurance in the challenging circumstances encountered in farming life. The shared enthusiasm for the countryside, enjoyment of the superb walks, the fresh air and the wonders of sunrise, sunsets, flowers, fruit and fauna, life and death, all point to a well balanced community.
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