St Mary Magdalene


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The Poortons

North and South Poorton nestle in a valley surrounded by the villages of Powerstock, West Milton, Loscombe, Mapperton, Hooke and the boundary of Wytherston. The Poortons are made up of the church of St Mary Magdalene and eighteen dwellings plus five in the village of Loscombe.

The surrounding land has been farmed by the Fooks family since the early 20th Century and is now very much known as ‘Fooks Country’ since the five or six separate farms that used to be around the Poortons are now one. Happily, the area has changed little over the years with only a small turnover of occupants which makes for a happy and neighbourly community.

When the Fooks family arrived in North Poorton, it will have been a major trip to market in Bridport and particularly to Dorchester with horse, cart and cattle. No such difficulties today.

The Fooks brothers farm various different crops, cows and Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset sheep. The flock has been built up over more than a hundred years and is well suited to this land over the seasons. It is a remarkably unspoilt and beautiful area of England which all its inhabitants appreciate.

The delightful and peaceful Church of St Mary Magdalene was built in 1862. It replaced a much older building, built in the 1290s, which was destroyed by a great storm in the 1850s. Remains of the old Church can still be seen 50 yards to the north of the new one.

Our Church was designed by Stark and Crickmay of Dorchester with whom Thomas Hardy trained and worked as an Architect. There is a leaflet on the font which gives details of its unusual decorative stonework and floor tiles. It is a good example of High Victorian Church furnishing.

Small postcards of the Church are available and laminated photocopies of nearby walks are £1.00 each

Our Churchwarden lives next to the Church building.

Updated February 2023